Wholesale Leather Bags Made in Italy

Italian genuine leather handbags are a must have for any fashion lover and they’re especially popular among women because they add an elegant yet sophisticated touch to their outfits. The quality of the leather and the care with which it’s crafted make the difference. In contrast to other fabrics, the leather doesn’t deteriorate over time and it’s easy to maintain with just a damp cloth. Florence Leather Market is the ideal place to buy top-quality handmade leather bags and accessories made in Italy, realized by experienced leather craftsmen: a vast collection of trendy handbags and shoulder bags in various colors, with different sizes and shapes for every occasion, from casual walks in town to business meetings.

The best quality Italian bags are made in Florence by local master artisans and skilled workers, using the finest leather hides including exotic skins such as crocodile, ostrich, python and lizard as well as more natural materials like organic fabrics and straw. Many of the manufacturers also offer a Private Label service, allowing resellers to customize and create their own line of high-fashion bags, purses, clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases and leather goods.

At SENREVE, we design our handbags in the heart of Italy and manufacture them in Tuscany, using only genuine leather – full grain leather – that’s soft, supple, long-lasting and incredibly durable. It’s a material that has been used since ancient times and it’s known all over the world for its incredible beauty, elegance and sophistication. wholesale leather bags made in italy

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