Ramadan Sorters in Riyadh

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (April 30) — To non-Muslims, Ramadan is best known as the month when people fast from sunrise to sunset. But to Muslims, the month is a time to brush up on their Quran and learn to show mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance. It’s also the time for delectable iftar, or dinner to break the daily fast. In the capital, Riyadh, DW visits two of the city’s most popular spots for the feast.

The month of Ramadan significantly influences the lifestyles of Muslims around the world. The month lasts for a total of 30 days and starts when both lunar calculations and physical sightings confirm that the crescent moon has risen, indicating the start of the holy fasting period. The dietary and lifestyle changes associated with Ramadan affect sleep duration, onset, wakefulness, and sleep disturbances to varying degrees. [1]

Those observing the fast take care to plan their trips and work schedules well in advance of the month. A Jeddah-to-New York flight, for example, departs at 5:40AM, which is exactly when the sun rises. The flight lands in New York at 11:50AM, nearly nine hours before the sun sets. Those observing the fast are also careful to avoid food and drink on the plane, even if it is served to them, so they can fast for the whole flight. مفرزنات رمضان الرياض

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