Junk Yards in Naples, FL

If you have a junk car in Naples, FL that’s taking up valuable space in your driveway, selling it for scrap metal is an easy way to get rid of it. You’ll get cash in your pocket and free up space. Plus, it’s eco-friendly! Here’s how to get started.

Located at 5615 Taylor Rd, this self-serve salvage yard is a popular choice among locals. Its reliable team and extensive inventory of parts make it a great choice for anyone looking to sell their junk car. Whether you’re searching for an old classic or something newer, they’ll find it for you. Their customer service is praised for being helpful and friendly, so don’t hesitate to give them a call!

A slipping transmission is always a big deal and can lead to costly repairs. In some cases, you might not even be able to drive your vehicle if the problem is severe enough. If you’re low on repair funds, your best bet is to sell it for cash to Wheelzy. We’ll pay you in a few business days and tow your car for free! Start your process today. It’s fast and easy! car junk yards in naples fl

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