Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags (also known as breastmilk freezer bags or nursing bags) are a pumping mom’s best friend. These pre-sterilized single-use bags can be used to transfer expressed milk from bottles to bags or from one bag to another, and they’re a great option to help minimize milk spillage (which can be heartbreaking when it happens to your liquid gold!).

When choosing breast milk storage bags, make sure they’re made from food-grade plastic and that they are specifically designed for storing and transporting your breastmilk. Look for a double zipper seal that ensures leak-proof storage, and a flat design to allow for easy stacking in the freezer. If you choose a set of breast milk storage bags that are also resealable, you can keep unused bags clean and fresh in a resealable transport pouch until you’re ready to use them.

Some breast milk storage bags also come with an easy-pour spout that makes transferring pumping from bottle to bag a simple and less messy experience. Other bags have a write-on label so you can easily note the date and ounces of the milk inside, which is helpful if you’re planning on using your breastmilk for multiple babies or pumping to donate.

While glass is the preferred way to store breastmilk, some moms find that bags are easier to handle and are more convenient if they’re going to be used for daycare or work. However, it’s important to know that breast milk stored in bags can be contaminated if the bags are not properly sterilized or sanitized before and after each use. This can lead to the growth of bacteria, which could potentially spoil your precious milk! breast milk storage bags

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